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Posted on Nov 3, 2011 01:45PM
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Negative Positive Feedback


HI Mr. Jeff Barrientos

though you didnt ask for a feedback, I insist because I wanted them to know how Good your Service with Us...:)


At a very short notice, Mr Jef is honest to goodness to be trusted if you are traveling Baguio.

My kids had a Great time touring Baguio and didn't give me any negative feedback 'bout Him. Maaarte mga anak ko specially my hard to please son...but Mr. Jef is so easy to be with. Very accomodating.   Aside from the AFFORDABLE PRICE he offers and the Numerous places we visited what more can I ask for.  Ako na nga umayaw at nagcancell ng iba sa Pagod..hehehhe......He is polite and well respected man you can trust.  He is also very open to suggestions. Very Prompt when regard to time.  We are looking forward to a future visit to Baguio for the asin Hot spring vacation and the other areas we missed because I cancellelled it.Nakakapagod din.Hindi kaya isang araw ha....

Again. Mr. Jeff thanks!!!Regards to your family.

I will be contacting you again for the asin trip. Thanks again.

VISITED bAGUIO: oCT 30, 2011




Jef Barrientos
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